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Carol Nguyen, Rebecca Hughes Tran, Ann Wise, Miri Yeh The firm approaches cases with the goal of keeping clients out of court. However, if a dispute cannot be resolved, Rebecca provides strong and effective representation in court.

Rebecca can also be hired as a mediator by both parties in a divorce to help them to understand the law, file the necessary documents, draft a marital settlement agreement and obtain a final divorce judgment. This is generally the most cost-effective way to obtain a divorce.

Rebecca has also handled numerous appeals and has argued several times before the Sixth District Court of Appeal in San Jose.


How much a case costs is determined by its complexity and the amount of cooperation by the client and the opposing party. If the opposing party and opposing lawyer are determined to fight over every issue, foster delay or are uncooperative, the cost may be quite expensive. The client’s own cooperation in providing needed information also has a direct bearing on the ultimate cost.

There is often more than one way to resolve a case, particularly in a divorce. When there is a choice of options for resolving an issue, the cost of each option is explained to the client ahead of time so that the client has as much control as possible. Clients are told the likelihood of success before aggressive action is taken.

  • Divorce mediation is typically a less expensive way to obtain a divorce. However, both parties must be willing to work together with the lawyer to resolve issues.
  • Limited Scope Representation is where the Attorney handles only one part of the case. This works well when the parties are in agreement on, for instance, custody but do not agree on the amount of spousal support, child support, the value of a business, or the division of property.
  • Rebecca can be hired on an hourly basis as a Consultant to assist with strategy, drafting motions, etc. In this role the attorney does not appear in Court. Clients meet in the firm's San Jose office.

San Jose Divorce   San Jose Divorce
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